panda-z: the robonimation


panda-zdo u know this anime character? well…panda-z (パンダーゼット) is one of my fav 😀


ptama kali tau ada karakter ini siy pas lg jalan di plangi..trus liat ada booth yg jual brg2 lucu2 getoo..n gw nemu HP strapnya si panda-z iniiii.. 😀 sayang dah ilanggg.. 😦


nah..pas mg lalu ke Gelar Jepang di PSJ ama si jukie..nemu keychain panda-z yg kren gt..trus kita beli d jdnya..ya, juk? 😀


Panda-Z is one of the unique anime characters from the popular Japanese TV animation series, The Robonimation, founded and produced by Shuichi Oshida. The hero of the story is a panda called Pantaron, who is half panda and half robot. Pantaron’s quest is to over through the evil emperor, called Warunimaru, who is plotting to conquer the world.


The hero Pantaron, comes across an underground laboratory where the Panda-Z has been secretly constructed. The Panda-Z is a giant high powered combat robot animal, which is equipped with the super P-Z engine and amazing super alloy armoury. The Panda-Z robot can withstand massive amounts of shock, and has the ability to fly and give off large rocket punches to enemy forces. The technology used for Panda-Z is unknown to the rest of the world, and fortunately for Pantaron it can only be controlled fully by him.


source: tokyocube


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  1. am a big robot who want to be ruling all over the world

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