koala’s march


koalaLast week, when I went to a hypermarket… intended to shop for daily needs…I got stuck again in snacks area 😀


And bumped into this “Koala’s March” (コアラのマ━チ)…a nostalgic snack! I never eat it for such a long time since my last visited to Jpn. Usually, I could find this bite-sized cookie only in supermarkets that sell imported Japanese foods (with intolerable priced) 😦 But this one comes with reasonably priced, Rp 4,620 per box (49 gr). Seems that it’s cheaper coz produced by Lotte China, not originally by Lotte Japan.


In Indonesia, this koala’s shape cookies, afaik, come with 3 flavors exist for the filling, chocolate, strawberry, and b+w (chocolate cookies w/ milk cream inside). But in Japan, there are also other flavors such as: sweet baked apple (yaki ringo), pineapple, banana, etc (yeah…Japanese could make almost anything as the flavor for their snack, even something that considered “rare”) 😛


I don’t know which was born first…but I still like “Panda” better than “Koala”. Although the koala’s cookie is crunchier than panda’s, I think it’s too airy and thin. And for me, the taste of Hello Panda’s chocolate filling is more appetizing than Koala’s March. But in the end, the choice is yours 😀


ps. What I like the most of Japanese stuffs is their stunning packaging! This Koala’s March cookie comes in hexagonal box, with “kawaii” koala’s cartoon printed on it 🙂 Hey, u can reuse it as “a stationery container” on ur desk! Put ur pen or pencil insides! 😀


11 Responses to “koala’s march”

  1. 1 rabz

    Hmm, itu yang dinamakan biskuit chocobi nya crayon shinchan ya? hehe.. mirip..

  2. 2 ariawn

    Hello panda!
    Hello panda!
    Biskuit mungil yang enak … ato apalah 😀

  3. beliin donk lus

  4. 4 pomponette

    biskuit koala ada yang rasa blueberry juga 😉 dan mnrt gw emang enakan hello panda sih 😛

  5. 5 lu-c

    #Rabz: huahaha…chocobi tu yg kaya’ gini ni http://www.thelabel.jp/hy4_4yh/images/chocobi.jpg

    #Aria: aria…nyanyinya bukan di sini…tapi yg di “hello panda” dunk 😛 itu di iklan elo yg nyanyi ya?? pantesss 😀

    #Direz: hoho..ga bole ga bole..ntar jd addicted lho 😉 hihi…

    #Pomponette: wuaa..ada yg blueberry? beli dimana? mauuu.. 🙂
    btw, ini ccp ya? 😀

  6. 6 pomponette

    iya lus, di hong kong ada tp packagenya kotak biasa gtu. beda emang yah klo made in jepang, lebih lucuu 😀 -chrysta

  7. 7 lu-c

    #Pomponette: huhu..ngiri ni ama lo..jalan2 mulu kerjanya 😛 dah liat foto2 lo di jpg..asik bgt 😀 lo msh di hk?

  8. Gara-gara lu nih lus. Gw jadi suka banget ama Hello Panda 😀
    @Pomponette: Bibi..bibi…cepat kembali. Paman makin aneh. Hihihihi 😀

  9. 9 lu-c

    #Ranni: hoho..gud2 😀 makan yg banyak ya, ran 😀 harusnya ini pake sistem “member get member” 😛 tiap ada org yg jd suka makan hello panda gt, gw mestinya dapat apa kek gt dr meiji 😀 hoho…

  10. haaa.. cuma pernah liat di Hellomorning cara bikinnya…

    pengen~~~ XD

  11. hmmmmmmmm.enak…….!

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