A Craving for “Hello Panda”


hello pandaGuys…what is ur fav snacks? For me..definitely…”Hello Panda” 😀 I can’t stop myself thinking of bringing “him” home everyday..ugh..always makes me stop by Alfamart 😛


Hello Panda is biscuits with creamy filling, shape like panda’s head, with panda’s cartoon printed on it. Up to now, there are chocolate, cheese, strawberry, milk cream, and choco peanut filling…but there are also some new variants of it but I forgot what they were. My fav flavours are chocolate and cheese 😀 U should taste it. There is no oily taste. Just cost u for Rp 3,500/box (45 gr). Not exactly cheap but worth it. This bite-sized biscuit is manufactured by Meiji Seika.


Be careful! It’s addictive! 1 box is not enough 😀


11 Responses to “A Craving for “Hello Panda””

  1. 1 Amir

    I smell dejavu here 😀

  2. 2 lu-c

    haha…hello panda still the best!!! 😀

  3. 3 Amir

    Tare panda??

  4. 4 lu-c

    well..no more “Tare Panda”.. 😀

  5. lus…kenapa “Hello Panda”? ga ada yang “Hello Babi”?? kan keren tuh kalo ada…^^

  6. 6 lu-c

    #Anshim: Haha..ntar kalo ada”Hello Babi”, gw bakal tersaingi ama org2 kaya’ Mahdi, Hamzah, YW gt yg tentunya bakal lbh addicted to Hello Babi drpd gw…lho?? 😀 Ampunnn…j/k 😀

  7. 7 oren

    gara2 lo nih lus, gw juga jadi terracuni oleh virus2 kecanduan hello panda.. ^-^

  8. 8 lu-c

    #Oren: gud gud..haha..nikmat kan? 😀 gw hrs dibayar mahal niy ama Meiji Indo 😛 so..what’s ur fav filling?

  9. 9 oren

    coklat (tetep!!), choco cream juga wuenakk, sama yg rasa susu itu.. plus rasa kacang. huehehe.. banyak bener.

  10. 10 Sanjay

    I love the milk cream flavor. Does anyone know where to get it online?

  11. 11 lu-c

    #Sanjay: hey sanjay..where do u live? couldn’t u get it on the local store? well..u could buy it online from amazon 😀 or other site like http://www.asianfoodgrocer.com 😀

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