Sony PSP as an education tool?


PSPYesterday morning, I heard an interesting news from BBC News on the radio. One of secondary school in Birmingham (UK) named Holyhead Secondary School is in a trial, using PlayStation Portable as a device to support learning process in school 😀 At first, it will be used in French, History, and Geography lessons. The trial will be finished in the end of the school year. And if this plan succeeded, it will be extended and maybe PSP will be used all over UK’s schools.


French languace teacher of that school who used to work for Sony said, “The console is just like a mini-computer, but fast, and you can use it to tailor-make lessons for pupils who need support or stretching”. The students are not allowed to run any kind of games on the console 😛 (could we do this? lol)


Read this too! National PlayStationTMPortable Education Pilot


5 Responses to “Sony PSP as an education tool?”

  1. 1 Linda

    Thats Cool
    I go to Holyhead School And I Think Its A Good Idea
    Ive seen The Geography Department use It but never the Fench Department
    anyways, i think it is a great idea and they should use it with all the departments and the rest of the schools in England

  2. 2 lu-c

    hi linda 😀 thx 4 your comment…btw, how is it going in geography dept? in what term they use the psp?

  3. Sia, it is actually a comment spam created by the name “Linda”.

  4. neah.. i think it’s not a comment-spam. well at least it doesnt mention a link to some random (advertising) website and doesnt mention the word ‘viagra’ :p

  5. @ulm
    It is. now the modus is not about viagra or something. Check my post about new method of spamming

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