Mr. Bean’s Holiday


Mr. Bean's Holiday

Last friday, I watched “Mr.Bean’s Holiday. This movie was very funny that makes me laughing during the whole scenes 😀 You should watch it..for sure! So amusing! Besides, this movie will be the last Mr. Bean’s story 😀 And another good point of this movie is sequence of beautiful scenes of France through the whole movie. It makes me fantasize to go there too. Wanna get a holiday like Bean 😀


Well, “Mr. Bean’s Holiday” tells the story of Mr. Bean who won a train vacation to Cannes, in south of France. The disaster started with his unluckiness after arrived in Paris. He took wrong taxi which get him to a place that is far from his real destination. Then, the story continues with his funniness in searching Gare de Lyon, the train station where he should get the next train to Cannes. could guess whether he could catch the train or not 😀


And..the main story began when Bean met a Russian man on the platform while waiting for the train. Bean asked this guy to film him with his video cam. Next, the train is about to leave and Bean could get into the train but the door closed just before that man could get in 😦 It makes the man’s son, Stepan, left on the train alone. The story continues with fantastic journey of Bean and Stepan. The friendship developed between them although they couldn’t understand each other’s language 😀


The funniest scene according to me is when they go to local market and Bean does dancing to various music that comes from radio’s speaker that he lent (stole actually:p), in trying to get money. Then, Bean performs a mime of a woman carries the dead body of her son, which is Stepan 😀 come with opera They collect so much money from people who watched them 😀


What’s next? Curious to know the rest of Bean and Stepan’s story? Wanna know what is the relationship between Mr. Bean and a chicken? How could Bean becomes one of German soldiers? Does Bean and Stepan could make it to Cannes? And who is the Russian guy actually? Find by yourself 😀


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